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Paco Hotel Tiyuxilu Metro Guangzhou, それは広州天河城ビジネスエリアの中心地に位置しています。地下鉄1号線と地下鉄3号線の乗り換え駅に隣接しています。周辺は中高級大型ショッピングセンター、天河スポーツセンターをめぐっています。
  • Guangzhou Baiyun International Airportからホテルまでの距離はどのくらいですか?

    Paco Hotel Tiyuxilu Metro Guangzhou 空港へ27.8km。

  • Paco Hotel Tiyuxilu Metro Guangzhouに空港シャトルバスのサービスはありますか?


  • Paco Hotel Tiyuxilu Metro Guangzhouのチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:15:00以降, チェックアウト時間:12:00前です。

  • Paco Hotel Tiyuxilu Metro Guangzhouにプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • Paco Hotel Tiyuxilu Metro Guangzhou の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • Paco Hotel Tiyuxilu Metro GuangzhouにはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • Paco Hotel Tiyuxilu Metro Guangzhouは前払いを受け入れますか?


  • Paco Hotel Tiyuxilu Metro Guangzhouはレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • Paco Hotel Tiyuxilu Metro Guangzhou朝食はいくらですか?

    朝食 CNY58/人。

  • Paco Hotel Tiyuxilu Metro Guangzhouの宿泊料金はいくらですか?


クチコミ 詳細
  • ocesto
    The service was particularly good. I wanted to postpone my check-out when I went to the exam. The front desk was very good. It was very convenient to postpone it to more than 2 o'clock. That is, next to the subway entrance, there may be no windows in the room. It was a little stuffy at first
  • abeamato
    Rubbish! The front desk woman's service is terrible! Tell her to let my aunt go up and open the door for me because the room card fell out! The * silk girl seems unhappy, either this or that!!! A mouse excrement makes people faint
  • tonyguocn
    Very good overall, but the sound insulation feels average
  • momocyan
    Very satisfied. Good location and convenient travel
  • jenny92820
    Rubbish! The front desk woman's service is extremely poor! Tell her to let my aunt go up and open a door for me, because the room card has lost the room! That * silk female seems not happy, not this is that!!!
  • cgc126
    Good breakfast. There's a parking lot
  • e02732344
    I checked my mother's eyes and chose a nearby hotel. The location was easy to find. I saw the hotel sign when I came out of the subway exit. The hotel was clean and tidy as a whole, and there was a free drink of milk. At first, there was a problem in the room, and I changed it to a more comfortable room. The whole was good. I continued to live for a day the next day. The next day, Xiao Lu at the front desk chose a better room for us when there were enough houses, Good, good??
  • best416
    How's the environment? good
  • vivi Philippines
    The hotel is very good!
  • wxl89886167
    I've lived several times, very good! The transportation is convenient. It is very close to Tianhe City and has a lot of food around.
  • idioy
    Good service, good location
  • xc55745461
    The location is very good, but it's inconvenient to park
  • jasongao
    The transportation is convenient, close to the scenic spot and there are many delicious foods nearby. I feel very comfortable and warm here on business trip. My colleagues also like it here. I will come here on business trip in the future
  • e02022234
    Very convenient location, good hotel hygiene, elevator needs to swipe card, which increases safety
  • Lobenn
    The whole decoration can not be said to be warm. It is really my favorite feeling. Location, health and cost performance are good hotels. The hotel is in good location, and the rooms are relatively complete, and the beds are soft and comfortable.
  • e01363068
    It's not bad. It's very cost-effective
  • fanny-
    The front desk manager Xiao Li provided good service
  • freetravel
    Breakfast is delicious
  • ey222
    Price and house do not match, more than 700 prices, 16 square house, are we fools, certainly will not live in.
  • JOJO scat
    The lobby is very distinctive. There are many delicious foods outside the hotel. The transportation is very convenient. I like it
  • e00617039
    The hotel is just at exit a of sports west. On the left side of the exit, you can see the sign of Baigao hotel. It's easy to find and convenient. The breakfast of the hotel is on the fourth floor. It's a buffet with a combination of Chinese and Western food. I feel it's not bad. The little sister at the front desk is very friendly and has a good service attitude. I'll be staying next time
  • bogey
    Good, clean?
  • elist43
    It's hard to find the location. Stop and circle
  • doc.yin
    The network is often disconnected
  • ftgftg111
    Favorite hotel
  • busijeff
    Travel is very convenient. It's two minutes' walk from the subway entrance of TIYU West Road. There is also a lot of food around. There is Tianhe City nearby.
  • dannie0108
    Very good environment, very convenient location
  • dyryxy
    The hotel is in the center of the city. It's hard to find it by car. There are too many one-way streets nearby. It's hard to find the entrance to the parking lot. It's not conspicuous enough. You have to go to the front desk to get your room card. The front desk explained that the automatic card collection machine has run out, and there is no guidance. Fortunately, the front desk attendant has a good attitude and gives me a parking card. He's patient. The room space in the hotel is too small to add beds. The hotel has a buffet breakfast, and the price is a little expensive. The room has no back chairs, so it can only be used as a bed. The sound insulation in the room is poor, the hygiene is very clean, and other facilities are OK.
    The hotel looks very clear. The corridor of the hotel is very long. It's a long way to drag a suitcase on the carpet. Other facilities are OK and hygienic
  • gly_8
    There are obvious stains on the carpet, because my room is noisy on the street, and there is the sound of school radio in the morning.. But my colleagues are close to the inside, so it's OK. The service attitude of the front desk staff is very good. The price is acceptable.
  • XDA4321
    The location of the hotel is really convenient. It's only three minutes from the subway entrance. It's suitable for taking the elderly and children on a trip. The breakfast is regular. There is no fried egg that my son likes to eat. The room is a little small. It's acceptable to see that the transportation is convenient. Guangzhou travel has been arranged here for two more days and has already applied for a membership card
    Good location and sanitation
  • GrearGary
    Check in experience, very satisfied, very good scenery, very good service attitude (?)? ▽?), Upgraded me to a room with windows. A manager Wei was very good. He helped me with my luggage. The handle of the window in my room was broken. He immediately repaired it for me. It's very friendly. It's a good place to live.
  • eve1272
    The location is very good, next to TIYU West subway station. The room has enough space and complete facilities. The front desk was very considerate and delayed checking out for two hours. The only hope is if Wi Fi can be fixed to make the Internet faster.
  • e05722954
    Convenient transportation, close to the scenic spot, there are many delicious foods nearby. It feels very comfortable and warm to come here on business trip. Colleagues also like it here. They will come here on business trip in the future
  • E02647854
    The whole decoration looks dark, but I really like it. The location, hygiene and cost performance of the hotel are good, especially the little sister and brother at the front desk. Every time they come, they greet each other with a smile. The hotel location is very good, the things to be used in the room are relatively complete, the facilities are very complete, and the bed is soft and comfortable
  • alelele
    All very good..
  • xiaobeir
  • jj9125
    Come and have a rest. The main map is next to the city center. The room equipment and facilities are very good. There are two bottles of annual fee milk, which is very considerate. It will continue to grow??
  • asf111
    The location of the hotel is very good. In the business district, it is very close to the subway. You can see it when you get out of the station. Very good service. Xiao Lu at the front desk was friendly and professional and provided a lot of suggestions. Great!??
  • andyma48
    It's convenient. It's at the subway entrance. Turn right at exit a of sports west station for about 200 meters. Xiaomanyao subway station 2 is here. For the convenience of going to Baiyun Airport, it is specially set at the subway entrance of line 3. This price has exceeded my expectation. Breakfast is really simple, but the environment is very??, Although there is no window, the bed is comfortable.
  • leo8404
    The environment is good. It is about 100 meters away from exit a of TIYU West Road subway. Many colleges and universities get on and off here.
  • goldenview
    Convenient access, located in downtown.
  • fastlove
    Because the location is next to the subway entrance, I booked it for my friends. My friends reported that the service attitude is very good, the equipment and facilities on the floor are also hygienic, and I have the opportunity to experience it
  • cmax76
    The room is clean and sanitary, dry and wet separation; There are three chargers, convenient and practical; Welcome drinks are available; The breakfast is delicious, and the variety is complete.
  • cswang1883
    Located in the most downtown, the rare thing is high cost performance. A few steps is the subway. There are many restaurants and convenience stores around. You don't have to go far at night. Staying late and drunk, didn't pay much attention to the room. Breakfast was good. There were self-service rice noodles. There were not many people in the morning. The waiter also helped to scald the rice noodles. It was great. Although there is no steamer for morning tea, everything is delicious.
  • Nolan
    Very good location
  • abdodo
    The location is very good. It is 100 meters away from the subway station. You can walk to many tourist attractions at night. The surrounding food is very convenient. You can recommend it.
  • SD3456
    It's very convenient and cost-effective. Unfortunately, there are too few rooms with windows
  • benisa
    The first check-in was very good. The front desk service was excellent??, It's 3 minutes' walk to TIYU West Road Station of Metro Line 3. The traffic is very convenient. There are many restaurants around. It's close to major shopping centers, such as Zhengjia square, Tianhuan square, Tianhe City. You can eat, drink and have fun! Next time I come to Guangzhou, I will choose here. I highly recommend it!
    Not bad. It's convenient to eat, drink and play around
  • louisliang
    The hotel is pretty good and cost-effective
  • e01326672
    Breakfast was good
  • newnewye
    The front desk service was very good